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Khadija Masjid


With the mercy of the Almighty Allah, Khadijah Masjid has established in the year of 2002 and is located in 2385 Centre Street at Pointe Saint Charles in South-West borough of Greater Montreal Island. In fact, it also covered some parts of LaSalle and Verdun metropolitan areas. Presently there are thousand Muslims living surrounding this Masjid and day by day this number is growing, Alhamdu-lillah. Pointe Saint Charles is a good neighborhood to live and has a healthy environment since the Lachine canal is passing besides this area.


IQRA Foundation is a religious, non-profitable, social cultural and charitable organization (Tax # BN 86161280RR-0001). Recently the Mosque has had to change locations to better serve the growing needs of the community. The area is 9000 square feet. Extensive renovations are needed for ablution/bathroom areas, facilities for the women, sound system, carpets, central heating and air conditioning, and other infrastructure. The cost will be no less than $150,000(One hundred Fifty Thousand).


To provide a convenient facility for five times daily Islamic prayer to the Muslim community in the areas surrounding Point St-Charles, Montreal, Quebec.

To provide facilities for Muslim children to learn to read Holy Quran and study

about Islam on weekends.

To help poor and needy financial as well as moral support.


  • Five times prayers including Jumah.

  • Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan

  • Iftar (to break fast) arrangements during Ramadan

  • Madrasa: to teach children how to recite Quran

  • Halaqah: to discuss about Akidha, Iman, Islam, Good deed etc.

A library for the Quran, Hadith and Tafseers and other Islamic books.
Daily Hadith After Salat-ul-Maghrib or Salat-ul-Isha

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